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30 minutes

To get things sorted out you can contact me to have a first free trial! It will give you the chance to get to know each other and tell me more about your interest in learning Spanish. I will assess your level and we can start from there. This meeting does not compromise you in any way.

Adult Students

(£25/55 min)

Private, tailor-made lessons focused on your interests from general Spanish to exam preparation or traveling, etc. I will be guiding you in your journey of learning the inner mechanisms of the Spanish language.

You will be supported by material that I create myself. I also offer advice on how you can continue your Spanish learning independently.



(£25/55 min)

For those who feel comfortable with the language and want to improve their speaking/audio skills. I offer a conversational guide where we can talk about different topics: from everyday matters to films or books reviews, etc.

We will mainly focus on conversation and where needed we will pause to clarify errors, concepts and notions.

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